Designed for your Home.

An Italian brand of premium reed diffusers that combines constantly changing designs with aromatherapy, personalized online by customers to match their home deĢcor.

Environmental Sustainability

ZERO plastic on the finished product, fully recyclable and certified.

Colours & Fragrances

Unique and inimitable fragrances and pattens will become part of your home, giving you a dose of olfactory relaxation every moment. A unique aroma in an elegant glass container.

Make unique work or home environments with the perfect fragrances to lull your senses towards an oasis of aromatherapy.

The origins of the style

Houndstooth is a bicolour pattern characterized by the repetition of small four-pointed shapes. It usually combines black and white, although nowadays black is often replaced with other colours.

It has its origin in woven wool of the Scottish Lowlands. However, its popularity comes from De Pinna shop, in New York, founded by Alfred De Pinna in 1885. He was a haute couture manufacturer both for men and women. This way he promoted its value and the image of this design, very popular among English aristocratic men, as Duke of Windsor. It was not until 1948 that Christian Dior uses Houndstooth pattern for the packaging of one of his perfumes calling it Houndstooth Check and making it become a style icon and a constant feature in most of his fashion shows.

In the seventies, Optical Art was affirming that it used fantastic geometries to create optical illusions, nowadays it is taken up by the greatest interior design studios to give interior spaces an unconventional style.


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